Swimming Pools & Bathhouses


Swimming Pools & Bathhouses

Rockville Swim Center Outdoor Bathhouse

Rockville, MD

The City of Rockville contracted design services to demolish the existing outdoor bathhouse. A new 5,000 SF bathhouse was constructed on the existing foundation. Features include handrails, seating areas, lighting, and ramps to improve accessibility for senior citizens and those with ambulatory disabilities. The bathhouse design allows for day lighting and openness with a perceived floating roof structure that is tied with trellises to the exterior wings of the bathhouse. The bathhouse has acoustical designs to minimize noise between areas. Sustainable design features included day lighting techniques, durable-low maintenance materials, and high solar reflectance roof.

Lake Fairfax Water Mine Swimming Hole

Reston, VA

Fairfax County Park Authority desired the construction of new swimming facilities at Lake Fairfax Park. SWSG provided full architectural and engineering services for the demolition of the existing facilities and the construction of new pools, lazy river, bathhouse, and service and food vending building. SWSG also provided the site engineering and utility requirements for the 21,500 SF water park. Special features included: complete ADA accessibility, bathhouse, zero entry areas, leisure/wading pool, multiple play sections, slides, water toys, and lazy river with waterfall.