Timber Structures


Timber Structures

Purcellville Roller Rink Repair

Purcellville, VA

The Purcellville Roller Skating Rink, is a single-story 80 x 160 feet long building. The structure is over 100 years old and was closed due to the unsafe condition created by the overstressed and deteriorating timber structure frame. The Town of Purcellville considers the rink a historic landmark and therefore desired to preserve and repair the building to meet current standards. SWSG provided plans for repairs and renovations that complied with the Secretary of Interior’s Guidelines for the Treatment of Historic Properties, the Town of Purcellville historic preservation and community design goals.

SWSG’s primary goals for this project were to retain and display the character-defining features of the facility and minimize the costs of the repairs. Preservation requirements for this building obligated maintaining the historical integrity by retaining the existing timber. SWSG analyzed the timber frame and made the repairs necessary to comply with the building codes. Repairs were made to deteriorated timber and compromised joints. The project was considered for a CMAA Project Achievement Award and won a 2011 Signatures of Loudoun Award for Design Excellence.

EE Lake General Store Renovation

Bluemont, VA

The Town of Bluemont and Loudoun County desired structural repairs to the General Store, code deficiencies addressed, public restrooms provided on the first floor, and ADA compliance for the First Floor to be opened for use as a welcome center. SWSG provided professional architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, cost estimating, interior design, landscape, geotechnical and environmental testing services to address structural deficiencies and provide full accessibility compliance for the renovation of the store which is located in the town’s historic district.