Site Plans


Site Plans

Historic Ox Hill Battlefield Park ADA Interpretive Trail

Fairfax, VA

Fairfax County Park Authority desired an ADA-compliant interpretive trail to lead from information kiosks at a new parking lot to the historical monuments at the top of the hill, and wind back down to the parking area.   SWSG prepared civil engineering site plans to develop the park and improve parking. The quarter mile trail was designed to create interest, anticipation, and unexpected viewscapes through the use of strategically-placed curves and by taking advantage of the naturally hilly topography. SWSG proposed a trail system that was ADA compliant, complimented the battlefield, was beneficial in reducing the amount of storm water runoff, and hid water quality BMP facilities.

Sully Site Improvements

Chantilly, VA

SWSG designed site amenities related to the planned entrance. The improvements included the demolition of the existing parking lot and service road; berm at the old entrance; grass restoration at the demolished parking lot; brick trail at the current service road location; landscaping and snake fencing along various trails and the road; bollard lighting on pedestrian walk; parking lot lighting; electronic gate and card reader with telephone link to the house; traffic spikes at the exit; illuminated entrance sign with landscaping; tack pea gravel on the parking lot; and relocation of the information kiosk.