Emergency Evaluations


Emergency Evaluations

H.M. Pearson Elementary School Seismic Damage Repairs

Catlett, VA

On August 23, 2011 a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck with its epicenter in Mineral, VA. Buildings and school structures in the area sustained various amounts of damage, including the Pearson Elementary School. Fauquier County desired to make the repairs cost effectively with minimum down time. SWSG performed a detailed two-way masonry analysis including composite block and brick strengths to demonstrate that major repairs were unnecessary, thus less expensive and more rapid repairs were possible. Fauquier County retained SWSG to provide engineering services to prepare bid-ready repair plans, to coordinate bids, and inspect the repair work.

Purcellville Emergency Roof Snow Load Evaluations

Purcellville, VA

The Town of Purcellville desired an emergency roof structural assessment of the Town Hall, the historic Roller Rink, and the new Town Hall (formerly the Purcellville Baptist Church) as a result of the February 5-6, 2010 snow storm and upcoming snow storm predicted for February 10th. SWSG provided structural engineering services at the sites to investigate the structural integrity of the buildings to carry the existing snow loads and predicted additional snow accumulations. Reports were prepared containing observations and recommendations.