Emergency Power Systems


Emergency Power Systems

Children’s National Medical Center Emergency Power

Washington, DC

SWSG designed an innovative 48,000 gallon fuel system and the emergency and standby power system for Children’s National Medical Center which consisted of four 1 MW and three 1.5 MW generators.  The system was joined with the existing 12,000 gallon underground storage tank.  The new fuel system consists of three 12,000 gallon aboveground “feeder” fuel tanks that supply a 12,000 main aboveground fuel tank via individual pump packages.  The main fuel tank supplies seven 200 gallon day tanks (1 per generator) via two separate dual pump packages.  Two fuel oil supply risers take diverse paths across the parking garage for added redundancy in the system that serve three vertical fuel oil supply risers. The existing 12,000 gallon UST can also provide fuel to the day tanks through the common three pipe vertical supply riser.  The four 12,000 gallon AST’s share a common fuel filtration system and the UST also has a fuel filtration system that automatically circulates and conditions the fuel stored in the tanks.  A single automatic fill port allows any of the four AST’s to be filled by the tanker truck.  The entire system is controlled by a Simplex fuel management PLC based master control system which is monitored by the building automation system. SWSG also designed a three hour fire-rated hazardous use group fuel tank room inside the circular parking garage driveway three levels below grade and provided a single zone single interlocked preaction foam/water sprinkler system for the fuel tank room.

USCG Sensor Package, Power Generation & Site Utilities-Turn Point Light Station

Stuart Island, WA

Construction documents were prepared to construct, install, and test a complete remote site setup including surveillance cameras, microwave and related communications networks, photovoltaic electrical power supply and structures required to deliver data to United States Coast Guard.