Data Centers


Data Centers

Fairfax County Data Center HVAC, Generator & Controls

Fairfax, VA

SWSG provided architectural and engineering services for the upgrade of an existing data center for Fairfax County, Virginia.  The project included interior renovation of the raised floor data center space and upgrades to the existing UPS, generator, and HVAC systems. The design included a new chilled water system, high-density HVAC equipment, structural modifications, upgraded CRAC HVAC system, upgraded UPS system, generator and compound. Electrical upgrades included UPS replacement, power distribution units (PDUs), and a 1.5 MW generator. Construction Documents, Minor Site Plan, and CA services were also provided.

Fairfax Courthouse Data Center

Fairfax, VA

SWSG provided engineering services for a mechanical system redundancy upgrade. Field surveys verified the capacity and characteristic of the existing system. A report was made with options for increasing the redundancy of the system. Construction documents were developed for the augmentation of the existing mechanical system serving the IT rooms, and construction administration services were also provided.

Harrisburg Video Technical Facility & Hub Office

Harrisburg, PA

SWSG provided full architectural and engineering services for the renovation of a 12,000 SF sixth floor tenant project which was designed in 16 weeks. The project included equipment, transport, electrical, interview and mechanical rooms along with restroom and open administrative area. This facility project included installing six 22-ton computer room air conditioner units, two 5-ton CRAC units, one 20-ton AC unit, one 10-ton AC unit, new dry coolers, glycol pumps, 12.47 kV feeder to new 1000 kVA substation, double-ended switchgear with two 300 kVA UPS, four power distribution units, four remote power panel boards, two 600 kW generators in sound attenuated enclosures, raised access floor, conduits for data, power and lightning protection, ADA compliant restroom, and new fiber conduits. A 150 SF antenna room was constructed inside the existing penthouse.

Pittsburgh Video Hub Office Upgrade

Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh VHO was a $3.5 million construction project. SWSG completed the architectural and engineering designs in six weeks. The 9,000 SF renovated tenant space included multiple rooftop generators, fire alarm and electronic security systems. Project initiation included developing the scope, schedule and feasibility documents based on program requirements, site surveys to access actual field conditions, and initial cost estimates. SWSG provided  architectural-engineering services included sustainable design, handicapped accessibility, code compliance, structural assessment/design, electronics and security, technical design, internal constructability reviews, and construction cost estimating services.

Bellevue Lab Facility Renovation

Bellevue, WA

SWSG provided turn-key design and construction management services for this 30,000 SF electronics lab – data center project. The project included all new architectural requirements, utility infrastructure, N+1 standby power system, UPS, chilled water HVAC, BMS system, common systems, grounding upgrades, and electrical distribution. The new facility was designed inside an existing shell warehouse as a “building-within-a-building”. The mechanical system includes CRAC cooling in the data center area. The new chillers include free-cooling modes of operation. The project also included seismic rated structural upgrades, a new building management system (BMS). SWSG provided full-time construction management services including bidder evaluation, bid analysis, permitting, long lead equipment procurement, construction, field coordination, commissioning, and final permit closure.