Lincolnia Senior Center HVAC Upgrade and Renovations

Alexandria, VA

Lincolnia is a three-story 46,850 SF assisted and independent living facility for senior citizens. SWSG prepared construction documents for Fairfax County Department of Housing for a new HVAC system with building automation system, new building generator, lighting level investigation to meet current illumination and energy codes, upgraded fire alarm, elevator controls and equipment replacement. The scope also included interior design upgrades for architectural finishes: carpet, tile, counter tops, and wall coverings. Construction is currently in progress.

Fairfax Housing Apartment PNA & Energy Audits

Fairfax County, VA

SWSG provided architectural and engineering services for physical needs assessments and energy audits at five public housing apartment locations. Each report described property and site description, building data and systems, utility companies, projected useful life, physical needs assessment, improvements and marketability, energy conservation measures, and a physical needs assessment funds spreadsheet. Photographic documentation was also included in the reports.