Treatment Plans


Treatment Plans

Walney Dairy

Chantilly, VA

Historic preservation services were provided by SWSG for a Historic Structure Report to develop treatments strategies and plans to repair wall, divert runoff, capture and redirect seepage, install a wood shingled roof, and erect a gated door. The primary purpose the report was to gain a broad understanding of the structure in order to propose treatments for the preservation of what remains of the building. Efforts included researching the history of Walney and historic dairy building construction to determine if there is sufficient information available to reconstruct the building. Construction documents were prepared for the shingled roof and gated door. The existing floor plans and elevations were recorded.

Barrett House

Lorton, VA

Located on Furnace Road, the Barrett House, which was used as an officer’s residence at the Occoquan Workhouse, was assessed for its architectural, mechanical, and electrical condition. An appropriate treatment plan was prepared outlining recommendations. Conceptual drawings of the building at different construction phases were prepared.