ADA Compliance


ADA Compliance

John Barton Payne Library ADA Addition & Renovations

Warrenton, VA

Several schematic design options were submitted to the Warrenton Architectural Review Board in order to provide ADA accessibility, and to increase the occupancy load by creating a second exit. An addition was constructed that is sympathetic to the historic character of the old library. The design utilizes a glass hyphen between the old and new structures to maintain the form of the historic building. Landscaping is planned to mask the lower portion of the building where the stair precluded use of windows.

Great Falls Grange ADA Improvements

Great Falls, VA

SWSG provided architectural and engineering services for the investigation and documentation of existing conditions of the structure, treatment and maintenance recommendations, historical research, identification of original construction material and techniques and character defining features, and a preliminary opinion of cost for recommendations. A/E services prepared ADA compliance construction documents for ADA improvements.